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Erin Antona

Family Science and Human Development, BA

Posted in: Spotlights

Program (Degree and Major): Family Science and Human Development, BA

Expected Graduation Date: May 2021

Why did you choose this field of study? Why did you choose the program at Montclair State University?

I chose this field of study because entering my freshman year, I wanted to be a teacher in a school setting. By my sophomore year, I had gained much more experience and came to the conclusion that I wanted to work with the same population, just in a different environment. I switched my concentration to family services, where I can be a helping hand to families and children in areas outside of the school setting. I like that this program also has many courses in the geriatric field (a field which I have grown to be very interested in!).

What are the best parts of your program?

My favorite part about the family science and human development program is the variety of courses there are in the population of children, families, and geriatrics. Even though I switched my concentration from teaching to family services, the courses were still valuable in learning more about different communities. The courses I have taken gave meaningful lectures about working with individuals in our modern and evolving world, especially in Northern NJ! Another great thing about the program is the help that is always being offered. All my past professors never made me feel like I was alone in figuring out my career path and I was able to gain helpful insight for the career I am pursuing. The overall department is very supportive and caring for their students’ future.

What advice would you give to a prospective student in your field?

A piece of advice I would give to an incoming student is, if you know who or what community you enjoy working with, the family science and human development program is able to help narrow down your career options! Everyone cherishes working with children, but do not be shy to get out of your comfort zone to get experience working with adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

How is your program preparing you for working in your field?

One of the course requirements, FSHD315, requires students to find a place to volunteer at for a maximum number of hours for the semester. I liked that this was required because I would not have thought about volunteering at an elderly care center for a whole semester. This allows students to choose any site they are interested in and actually pushes them to “work” in that environment. Also, in the last semester of one’s senior year, they are required to find an internship and complete around 300 hours. This is a great way to wrap up college because this experience allows students to get a taste of being in the workforce for a whole semester before they graduate.