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Increasing Access to College (IAC) Celebration

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Photo of Spring 2022 IAC Celebration

On Monday, May 9, 2022, the Increasing Access to College (IAC) project held their end of year ceremony to celebrate the end of the IAC semester. The work the IAC students and peers accomplished this year was highlighted and all enjoyed a light lunch.

The Increasing Access to College (IAC) project at Montclair State University launched in 2015, adding to the University to the hundreds of colleges and universities seeking to increase inclusivity and diversity of students with disabilities in higher education. In 2018, the Kessler Foundation awarded the IAC $10,000 and most recently, the Lacey Family Inclusive Education Fund generously donated $250,000 to the IAC. These funds will be used to expand the offerings of the IAC at MSU. The IAC is founded and led by Dr. Jessica Bacon, Associate Professor, and Dr. Susan Baglieri, Professor, from the Department of Teaching and Learning.

IAC offers structured support to people who are co-enrolled in day programs for adults with disabilities or high school transition programs. It provides an orientation to college; facilitates academic and social opportunities; develops community; and delivers individualized academic support through peer mentorship and access to assistive technologies.

IAC serves young adults with disabilities who may not enter college through traditional admissions pathways. This includes those with intellectual or developmental disabilities and those who may benefit from coordination of activity and support that is outside the scope of accommodations typically provided by universities under the law.