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Montclair State University Has Been Designated as a Fulbright Forum Institution

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Fulbright Association NJ Chapter

Montclair State University has been designated as a Fulbright Forum Institution by the Fulbright-NJ Association Chapter due to the strong presence of Fulbright scholars in the College of Education and Human Services. Drs. John Specchio and Charles Feldman in the Nutrition & Food Science Department are working with the chapter to develop programs that encourage students and faculty to apply for Fulbright awards. They are seen below at the recent New Jersey Fulbright chapter meeting with Ranjeeta Mahraj (from the MSU Language department), who is a visiting Pakistani Fulbright graduate student.

The Fulbright-NJ Association Chapter is a group with substantial human capital. They see their mission of as:

  • Fostering intercultural understanding by learning about and from each other.
  • Increasing our diversified membership and securing institutional memberships in the broader Fulbright Association.
  • Functioning as an educational think tank on intercultural communication.
  • The chapter is focused on hosting engaging programs and events for all Fulbright alumni as well as visiting Fulbright students and scholars throughout the state and beyond.

It is a statewide organization, serving Fulbright alumni and friends of international exchanges.
The chapter is closely affiliated with universities and colleges in the region, and often co-sponsors programs with these institutions. The chapter, which welcomes Fulbright Alumni and friends, hosts a website, Facebook page, bi-monthly newsletter, and offers social gatherings, cultural events and community service opportunities.

Board Members include:
Virgil Blanco, Past President
Fiona Citkin
Jennifer Chen
Charles Feldman
Holger Henke
Pat Hutchinson, President
Tina Lesher
Ranjeeta Mahraj
Bruce Parker, Secretary
Joyce Richardson, Vice-President
John Specchio, Treasurer

Recent activities

Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Specchio, we instituted a NJ Chapter Scholarship Program. Newly established, the program is offering two scholarships annually to NJ Fulbright awardees offering $1000 in supplemental support as they travel abroad.

The New Jersey Chapter’s board responded to the severe limitation on in-person activities by turning to virtual outreach. Through a series of webinars, we explored topics of broad interest. Several speakers included:

  • Dr. Paul Aronsohn, Ombudsman for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and Their Families
  • Mr. Daniel Watts, actor, dance, interdisciplinary artist and 2020 Tony Award nominee and Outer Critics Circle Award Winner for his portrayal of Ike Turner in the hit Broadway musical TINA
  • Dr. Bruce E. Wexler, Chairman and Professor of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University Medical School and author of a best-selling book, Brain and Culture
  • Mr. RIck Smith, president, owner, and founder of The Piano Exchange, a wide-ranging technologist, entrepreneur and collector who supplies pianos to Broadway and other music venues.
  • Dr. Jennifer Chen reporting her latest research findings on Teacher Stress, Resilience and Thriving during the Covid 19 Pandemic
  • Dr. Fiona Citkin discussing the Fulbright Effect on My Life
  • Dr. John Specchio presenting the History and Evolution of Food Safety Regulation in the US
  • Dr. Pat Hutchinson, welcoming viewers into her art studio with a brief sampling of her paintings and process

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