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Human Rights University for a Day

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Human Rights University for a Day at Montclair High School was held on April 18, 2023.

This is a special annual event curated by Montclair State University’s Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Education Project and serves as the culmination of the Human Rights Education Internship for Spring 2023.

The human rights education interns have spent all semester studying human rights law and policy, conducting in-depth research on a human rights topic of their choice, and learning about human rights education. The students then prepared interactive lessons with the help of experts at the ADP Center for Learning Technologies.

A description of our lessons is below:

Free to Work? How War and Natural Disasters Affect Human Trafficking

Sofia Tavera

Major: Health Humanities with minors in public health & business

The Struggles of First Generation Latino Students

Monserrat Garcia Gutierrez

Major: English

Police Misconduct Crisis

Amari Gawthney

Major: Foundations for Elementary Education

A Modern Genocide: Systemic Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls

Daniel Lund

Major: Psychology, Justice Studies with a concentration in Justice Systems

Workplace Discrimination of People Convicted of Crimes

Panos Stavridis

Major: Justice Studies w/dual concentration in International Justice and Justice Systems, Minor in Justice and Families

Discrimination Against Women in the Workplace

Omayma “May” Jabara

Major: Linguistics

Minor: Psychology

The Negative Impacts of Climate Change  

Nicole Thompson

Major: Psychology with a minor in environmental science

Unmasking Contemporary Antisemitism

Jade Criso

Major: Secondary and Special Education in English

Misrepresentations of African Americans in the Media

Deion Woods

Major: Theatre Studies

You’re Not Stupid (Invisible Disability Discrimination)

Gabriella Brescia

Major: Psychology

Shining Light on “The Invisible Problem” – Youth Homelessness

Skylar Anthony

Major: Educational Foundations for Elementary Teachers, Dual BA/MA Elementary K-6 with Certification to teach Students /w/ Disabilities

Racial and Geographical Disparities in Mental Healthcare for Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States

Alyssa Bogosian

Major: Psychology

The Role of Social Media in Human Trafficking

Erika Cruz and Cristina Phang

Major: Justice studies with a concentration of International Justice

The Injustice of Japan’s Hostage Justice

Isaiah Ayestas

Major: Justice studies with a concentration of International Justice

Immigration: The Most Basic Human Right of All

Cristhian Bueso

Major:  Psychology

Toxic Masculinity

Angel Bonheur

Major:  Language Business and Culture