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ADP Senior Group VR Demonstration

Posted in: Public Health

Interactive VR classroom

The ADP Center for Learning Technologies recently hosted a group of adult learners
from Montclair Township’s Lifelong Montclair program. Life Long Montclair (LLM) is an aging in
place initiative with the mission of transforming the community experience through events,
programming and relationship building.

The event began with a presentation about the history and evolution of virtual reality
technology, followed by a hands on demonstration that transported participants to the distant
ancient Inca ruins of Machu Pichu and to the Arctic.

The hands-on demonstration, led by ADP Center Director Joe Bavazzano and a team of
graduate students, let participants interact with a range of VR tools. Google Cardboard Viewers
and Meta Quest 2 Headsets were provided to let participants dive in to an immersive world.
Participant Sharron Allen shared, “Experimenting with something new is always exciting. The
experience with Joe and his team was educational and fun!” Another LLM member, Jennifer
Markham, commented “It was an entertaining and an all-inclusive bonding and fun experience
with friends and the helpful, knowledgeable team of instructors at MSU.”

Reflecting on the experience of the day Bavazzano stated “The Center is always looking to
partner with the community and bring educational experiences outside the walls of a
traditional classroom setting. No matter the age or background of the learner, technology can
change the way we look at our world to increase our potential for learning.”
To learn more about the ADP Center for Learning Technologies and their upcoming line up of
events follow @ADPCenter