Photo of students in an MPH classroom.

Resources and Support for Teacher Candidates

Please visit your Canvas course for more resources and support.

  • Log into your Canvas and select your edTPA course from your course dashboard.
  • Select the resource you would like to view for your certification area.

Purpose of edTPA

The edTPA is designed to assess teachers’ real-life abilities to teach in a classroom and to tailor teaching to meet the individualized needs of a diverse classroom.

Support Available to Teacher Candidates

Please visit your Canvas course calendar to view upcoming edTPA workshops, writing days, edTPA study halls and open video lab hours. The edTPA Support Office is available for walk-in help Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

What help is available to me?

Our edTPA Support Office is here to help!  Please feel free to ask us to help you:

  • Interpret your handbook or any other edTPA resources
  • Understand any edTPA requirements and timeline
  • Find a resource
  • Trim, compress or blur your video
  • Learn how to use the video recording equipment
  • Upload to Tk20
  • Upload and submit to Pearson
  • Conduct a technical review of your portfolio
  • Decide whether to retake

Who must complete edTPA?

All Montclair State University students who wish to obtain a CEAS in one or more certification area upon graduation must take the edTPA.

Who Is Exempt From Taking the edTPA?

Montclair State students who already hold a Standard certification in one or more certification areas.

Who Has a Choice About Taking the edTPA?

Montclair State students who are full-time teachers, teaching under a CE, who are on track to receive Standard certification through their school district.

Official edTPA Site

You can visit the official edTPA website. This is where you will pay for and register your edTPA account and submit your final portfolio