There are a number of advantages of a standards-based performance assessment system for candidates and prospective candidates to Montclair State University's programs for teachers and other school professionals. They include the following:

  1. Because we have articulated our institutional standards, potential candidates know the qualities our programs are designed to cultivate in candidates before they apply for admission to one of our programs for teachers and other school professionals. They can decide whether their own professional values and goals are compatible with those of the program.

  2. The rubrics for each performance assessment make the criteria for assessing candidate performance transparent and explicit. By having access to the rubrics, potential and current candidates know ahead of time the types of performance that do not meet, meet, and exceed program expectations.

  3. By referring to the standards, candidates can monitor their own developing proficiency as they progress through the program.

  4. Standards provide a common language for communication between faculty members and students and, in particular, between advisors and advisees.

  5. Because the assessments evaluate candidates' performance on tasks that are designed according to current professional standards, advisors can provide focused and detailed advisement based on candidates' actual performance on key professional tasks that will be important in their future professional lives.

  6. Because the MSU institutional standards are based on standards articulated by professional organizations and because our curriculum, instruction, field and clinical experiences, and assessments are based on our institutional standards, candidates in programs for teachers and other school professionals can be confident that successful completion of the program will prepare them well for their professions.