Poster Printing

Submit Posters HERE 

24 x 36 $10
24 x 40 $15
24 x 56 $20
42 x 36 $25
42 x 56 $30



 *please click each poster size to download a sample template* 

  We accept Cash or Redhawk Dollars. Budget expense transferswill no longer be accepted. 9/10/18

 *For Tri-fold printing please use the template here. Please note that tri-folds are printed on 2 seperate posters and you are charged for both. We do not provide the tri-fold board.

**Please allow up to 3 business days for your poster to be printed. We will contact you via email once it is ready.

Printing Guidelines 

Posters can be submitted to us as  Powerpoint files or PDF's only.

We highly recommend using one of our templates from above to start your poster. If you do not, be sure one of the dimensions of your poster either be 24" or 42".

Our poster printer is not a photo printer. It cannot be used to print posters that contain only images. Pictures can be incorporated into a poster, but we require that the majority of the poster contain text.

 All posters must have a white or light colored background. Text and images can be colored. Heavy bold colors are great when used sparingly, the heavy ink will oversaturate the paper. 

*NOTE: We do no proofread your poster, if there is an error found you must resubmit and go through the submission process again and you will be charged for the reprint. 

Design & Tips  

If you would like to print a tri-fold poster, click here to download the template and create one in PowerPoint. A tri-fold poster prints on two 24” x 36” posters and costs $20.00 in total.

We do not provide poster boards. You may purchase one from Staples or Office Depot. This white, foam display board from Staples is an example of a poster board that works with our template (example of board here).

We can provide you with adhesive to mount your poster. We do not provide mounting as a service; however, we can assist you with the process. 


Make sure any logos or images that are incorporated in your poster have a high enough resolution (you will clearly be able to tell when you paste the image into your poster, if it is pixelated that is how it will print)


For high quality MSU Logo's  click here

For help using Google Image Search click here

Poster Pickup Policy 

Poster printing takes approximately three business days. Due to the high volume of posters submitted, posters are printed in the order they are received. We will notify you via e-mail when your poster is ready for pickup. If you would prefer to call to confirm, please reach us at: 973-655-5220 

All payments must be made at time of pickup. 

Pickups are made at the ADP Center front desk. UNIV-1140