Our Children & Families

The children in our Center have differing abilities, needs, cultures, ethnicities, means and family structures and we embrace the value of this diversity. They are strong individuals who are developing their abilities to construct their learning, engage in social interaction and negotiate with everything the environment brings them.

We believe that early childhood care and education go hand and hand as we look to challenge the individual child in his/her developmental growth. We have four classrooms of infants starting at 12 weeks old and going up to approximately 18 months, four classrooms of toddlers ages 18 months through three, and four classrooms of preschoolers ages three to five. Children with and without identified disabilities learn, play and develop together in an inclusive environment in each of the classrooms.

Approximately 30% of our children are from families of Montclair State Students, another 30% are part of the families of Montclair State employees, and 40% are from the families from surrounding communities.

Each family member is an important and essential member of our community and is welcome to be in the Center and to participate in ways that make sense for all. That participation may be around the child/children, around his/her class, or the entire Center. The opinions of families are sought and valued. A few examples of participations include; serving on our Advisory Committee, providing curriculum resources, providing input regarding program, fundraising, or participating in workshops and social events.