Services and Resources

TEAC Grants

A limited number of need-based grants are available through TEAC to teacher education candidates who demonstrate persistence in their programs and who plan to pursue teaching careers in urban school districts. Available only to those who have been accepted into the Teacher Education Program, students may obtain applications for financial assistance to pay for the cost of education (e.g. tuition, room, and board, etc.) through the Teacher Education Advocacy Center.

Praxis Review Sessions

PRAXIS review sessions are available free of charge for matriculated students in the Teacher Education Program. The review session is a three-hour seminar which covers general test-taking strategies. Students are encouraged to register to take the PRAXIS as soon as they attain senior status or have accumulated 90 credits. Students are required to pass the PRAXIS before their student teaching semester. PRAXIS registration information is available in the TEAC office, Suite 1160 in University Hall.

TEAC recommends following these 5 steps to prepare for the PRAXIS:

  1. Find out exactly what PRAXIS test you are required to take to become certified. The list of tests and test codes are posted on the bulletin board next to the Teacher Education Advocacy Center, Suite 1160 University Hall.
  2. Stop by University Hall, Suite 1160 and pick up a PRAXIS registration bulletin. Read it carefully. Pick a test date and return the registration form to the Educational Testing Service.
  3. Download the PRAXIS "Test at a Glance" Booklet for your subject area from the ETS/PRAXIS website. Go to: and page down until you see you subject area listed. Click on the code number next to the test. (You will need Adobe Acrobat to download the test.)
  4. Go to the ADP Center in University Hall and review the PRAXIS preparation books. Ask the attendant for help locating books that review the subject matter you are being tested on.
  5. Call (973) 655-7799 for information about when the next PRAXIS review session will be.

Click here to view a PDF version of the Praxis Review Sessions flyer.