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Teacher Education Admissions and Retention Department

The Teacher Education Admissions & Retention Department oversees admissions, retention, and program completion for undergraduate and graduate students in the Teacher Education Program. We are dedicated to preparing knowledgeable and committed teachers who develop a set of strong commitments to equity and diversity, critical thinking, social responsibility, and critical reflection. We believe that instilling teachers with such attitudes and dispositions, found in the , lays the foundation for sustaining a political and social democracy. As a result, in making decisions about admission to the Program, the Portrait is used as a guideline in order to select students whose commitments match those of the Program. The Portrait is also used for ongoing assessment of students as they progress through the Program.

Montclair State University's Teacher Education Program has been continually accredited by the National Council for Accreditation in Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1954 and is affiliated with national networks committed to the simultaneous renewal of P-12 schools and teacher education. Upon successful completion of the Program, students are recommended to the New Jersey Department of Education for certification.

Please note that we are not affiliated with teaching certification through the alternate route program administered by the New Jersey Department of Education. To apply via the alternate route, contact the New Jersey Department of Education at 609-292-2070 or your County Superintendent's Office.

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View Brochure: Teacher Certification Graduate Programs

A student with a baccalaureate degree may pursue an initial New Jersey teaching certificate at MSU. Fully certified teachers may obtain additional teaching field endorsements or advanced certification at MSU. The Center of Pedagogy oversees graduate Post-baccalaureate programs at the University that lead to initial teacher certification. The Center of Pedagogy also oversees the Teacher of Students with Disabilities dual certification programs. All other programs - i.e., those leading to additional/advanced certification - are handled by the College of Education and Human Services and the Graduate School.

To learn more about certification programs offered via the Teacher Education Program, we invite you to attend an information session. Click here to view dates.

The Center of Pedagogy includes a network of partner schools which provide real world settings where students complete their field experiences. It is a member of the National Network for Educational Renewal, Teachers for a New Era Learning Network, and Woodrow Wilson–Rockefeller Brothers Aspiring Scholars of Color Program. The Center of Pedagogy is committed to the enculturation of students into a political and social democracy, the moral dimensions of teaching, as well as competence and knowledge both in pedagogy and the content to be taught.

Requirements for certification are subject to change by the New Jersey Department of Education regulation and University policy. Students should consult with their advisors on a regular basis.

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Initial Instructional Certification Programs Offered

At Montclair State University, those who hold a bachelor's or master's degree and who wish to gain their first teaching certificate are offered two graduate programs:

1. Master's Degrees in Teaching:

Students with a baccalaureate degree and interest in teaching may earn the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and teaching certification simultaneously. Additional undergraduate course work in the content area may be required to meet certification standards. MATs are offered in the following areas:

2. Teacher Certification:

Students with a baccalaureate degree and interest in teaching may earn teacher certification only. Additional undergraduate course work in the content area may be required to meet certification standards.

Note: Certification requirements are subject to change.

For a complete list of certification programs available at Montclair State University please visit: Initial Teacher Certifications

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Application and Admissions Requirements

Candidates for admission to the Post-baccalaureate and MAT programs must file a Graduate application and all supporting material online or by mail to the Graduate School, College Hall 203 (Telephone (973) 655-5147). Supporting material includes an official transcript* from every college you have attended, two references, and, for the MAT program, GRE scores (general test). Applications will be considered on a rolling basis each semester once all materials are received by the Graduate School.

An undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 overall for the Post-baccalaureate certification program and 2.70 overall for the MAT program is required. A higher GPA in the teaching field major may be required by some departments.

In addition, applicants to the MAT and Post-baccalaureate Programs may be required to take the appropriate Praxis II Subject Assessment test prior to being admitted into the Program. Full matriculation requires passing the Praxis. Click here for specific program Praxis requirements.‌

In addition to transcripts and GRE and Praxis II scores, two recommendations from school or college faculty, or administrators, must be submitted. It is expected that students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the use of the English language.

In selecting students for the graduate level Initial Instructional Certification Program, Montclair State University uses criteria which are related to the kinds of knowledge, abilities, dispositions and character we expect graduates of our Program to possess. The Portrait of a Teacher is a model toward which students in the Program strive. In making decisions on acceptance to the Program, faculty consider such criteria as GPA, knowledge of content of major area of study, commitment to teaching and its varied responsibilities and communication abilities, both written and oral. These criteria enable faculty to assess the likelihood that candidates will achieve the goals inherent in the Portrait of a Teacher.

Interested in taking courses this fall even though it is too late to complete the entire application process?

Our Pre-Admit status allows you to enroll in up to two classes (6 credits) without completing the full application process. Students that meet the following criteria may be given an Instant Admission Decision for Pre-Admit status and will be eligible to register for classes immediately.*

  • The Online Application (specifying your program of interest)
  • A transcript indicating receipt of an undergraduate or graduate degree and a minimum 2.5 GPA on 4.0 scale in a bachelor's degree program
  • The $60.00 application fee
  • The Pre-Admit Status Request Form

Please sign up for the Instant Decision Event that best suits your schedule by visiting:"

*For international students, TOEFL scores an an evaluated transcript by a NACES member ( is required. For permanent residents, a copy of your green card is also requested.

All students should note that admission to the University to take courses does not guarantee admission to the Teacher Education Program, and that any courses taken prior to admission to the Program are taken at the student's own risk.

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Upon successful completion of the Post-baccalaureate Initial Instructional Certification Program or the MAT program, students are recommended to the New Jersey Department of Education for a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing. This certificate is valid for the lifetime of its holder, and enables the holder to pursue a full-time teaching position in a public school. Currently, new teachers must successfully complete a one year induction program of teaching under a provisional certificate to be eligible for a permanent (standard) New Jersey instructional certificate.

Students interested in teaching outside of New Jersey should seek information from the appropriate state authorities. United States citizenship is required for standard (permanent) New Jersey certification, but neither citizenship nor a working visa are required to receive a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Sanding.

As reported under Title II of the Higher Education Act, 100% of students who completed Montclair State University's programs for initial teacher certification in AY 2008-2009 passed the Praxis test. View a summary of the Title II Report Summary.

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Additional and Advanced Certificates

Students already holding teaching certificates may apply to the University to take coursework leading to additional endorsements or advanced certificates. They are not eligible for the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. However, other education-related master's programs are available and are described on links under the Graduate School.

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Retention in the Program

Students who are accepted into the Teacher Education Program are evaluated periodically. Students are responsible for reviewing the 2017-2018 Teacher Education Program Handbook to determine criteria used to determine eligibility for student teaching and the University's recommendation for certification. By 12 graduate credits in the program, students must submit Praxis II entrance ticket or passing score(s) depending on the content area requirements.

To be eligible for the Professional Year coursework and Field experiences, students must pass a retention review by the Teacher Education Program. All teaching field and professional education courses must be successfully completed with a 3.0 GPA (minimum) overall, in teaching field, and in professional education courses. (Some departments require a higher GPA in the teaching field. Consult department advisor.) See Teacher Education Program Handbook for additional retention criteria. In addition, a timely Field Experiences Application must be submitted to the Field Experiences Department in the Center of Pedagogy. Fieldwork applications must be filed by October 1 for the spring semester and by March 1 for the fall semester. There is a separate application and specific requirements for In-Service status for candidates who are already teaching full-time in their certification area. Applications are available online.

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Program of Study for Subject Area Certification

For program requirements, please visit: MAT or Post BA in Content Area

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Program of Study for Early Childhood (P-3) and Elementary Education (K-6) Certification

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