Special Education Programs

Special Education Programs

Certification in special education in New Jersey is called Teacher of Students with Disabilities.

There is no stand-alone certification in special education in New Jersey. All special education teachers must have dual certification in Teacher of Students with Disabilities and another general certification area (P-3, K-6, or a Content Area). Please visit the following links for more information about our academic programs in special education:

Initial Dual Teacher Certification:

Additional Certification in Teacher of Students with Disabilities (for teachers already certified in P-3, K-6, K-8, or a content area):

Advanced Certification in Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant:

Undergraduate Programs in Special Education:

Montclair State University does not offer any stand-alone undergraduate special education certification programs Students interested in special education certification at Montclair State University must either obtain a general education certification in P-3, K-6, or a Content Area as an undergraduate and then apply to the additional certification program at the graduate level, OR pursue the Dual Degree/Dual Certification program listed below.

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Dual Degree/Dual Certification Inclusive Education Programs Brochure
In today’s schools, students with disabilities often attend classes alongside peers who do not have disabilities. In fact, 50% of students who are identified with disabilities receive individualized instruction within the general education classroom.  

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