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The Teacher Education Admissions & Retention Department oversees admissions, retention, and program completion for undergraduate and graduate students in the Teacher Education Program. We are dedicated to preparing knowledgeable and committed teachers who develop a set of strong commitments to equity and diversity, critical thinking, social responsibility, and critical reflection. We believe that instilling teachers with such attitudes and dispositions, found in the , lays the foundation for sustaining a political and social democracy. As a result, in making decisions about admission to the Program, the Portrait is used as a guideline in order to select students whose commitments match those of the Program. The Portrait is also used for ongoing assessment of students as they progress through the Program.

Montclair State University's Teacher Education Program has been continually accredited by the National Council for Accreditation in Teacher Education (NCATE) since 1954 and is affiliated with national networks committed to the simultaneous renewal of P-12 schools and teacher education. Upon successful completion of the Program, students are recommended to the New Jersey Department of Education for certification.

Please note, the new and online teacher education application will be available for completion on August 1, 2018. Check back to this page for the link to the application. If you have already submitted a paper copy of the Letter of Recommendation to your recommender, know that it will be accepted for this admission cycle. Should you have any questions, please contact Teacher Education Admissions at

Please note that we are not affiliated with teaching certification through the alternate route program administered by the New Jersey Department of Education. To apply via the alternate route, contact the New Jersey Department of Education at 609-292-2070 or your County Superintendent's Office.

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Dual Degree/Dual Certification Inclusive Education Programs Brochure
In today’s schools, students with disabilities often attend classes alongside peers who do not have disabilities. In fact, 50% of students who are identified with disabilities receive individualized instruction within the general education classroom.  

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Graduate Initial Teaching Certification Brochure
At Montclair State University, a student with a baccalaureate degree may pursue an initial New Jersey teaching certification, and a fully-certified teacher may obtain additional teaching field endorsements or advanced certification.

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