Teacher Education Advocacy Center

About Us


Founded in 1998, the Teacher Education Advocacy Center (TEAC) promotes the development and implementation of culturally responsive educational programs and academic assistance activities for pre-collegiate, undergraduate and graduate students. It is also active in research pertaining to education and diversity. TEAC has initiatives that respond to the changing demographics of New Jersey as it relates to the need to recruit a well-prepared teaching force. Full-time advisors/counselors are on hand to assess student needs and provide support along their collegiate career.


The Teacher Education Advocacy Center (TEAC) enhances the quality of the Teacher Education Program at Montclair State University, particularly by recruiting, retaining, and preparing students from historically underrepresented populations for the teaching profession. TEAC’s mission is to increase the diversity of the Teacher Education Program through the development and implementation of inclusive and responsive education programs and services for pre-collegiate, undergraduate, and graduate students. In an effort to prepare students for careers in teacher education, TEAC collaborates with faculty, departments and institutions on and off campus to provide students with personalized support, academic guidance, college life transitions, counseling, mentoring, career networking, and financial assistance.