COUN 674

COUN 674: Internship in Counseling II
3.0 SH

This is the second of a two-part sequential culminating course in the clinical core in the graduate counseling program. This course requires the students to participate in field placement appropriate to their chosen specialized population, community agency, school, or higher education setting. Interns will complete a total of 300 semester hours each semester of direct and non-direct work with clients at the site as per national and state standards. Case presentation, clinical observation, and direct counseling one-to-one and in small groups is required. Weekly class supervision seminars on campus are required as well as weekly supervision with an on-site supervisor. Recording of client contact and non-direct contact hours are entered into an ongoing log to be presented at the end of the semester.

Prerequisites: Graduate students with majors in the CNEL department only, COUN 654 with a minimum grade of B, departmental approval.