CURR 529

CURR 529: Student Teaching
6.0 SH

Full time student teaching in the public schools of New Jersey is required of all students who complete the regular program of certification requirements. May be repeated once for a maximum of 12.0 credits. 6 hours lab.

Prerequisites: CURR 505 or EDFD 505; and CURR 509 or EDFD 509; and CURR 516 or EDFD 516; and CURR 517; and CURR 518; and CURR 519 or EDFD 519; and CURR 526; and CURR 527; and READ 501; and content area methods course(s). Students must be enrolled in a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Instructional Teaching Certificate (CRI), Educational Services Certificate (CRG), or Master of Education (MED).
Corequisites: CURR 543