CURR 681

CURR 681: Leadership in Content and Instruction
2.0 SH

The purpose of this course is to enrich teacher leaders' capacity to lead by example in their classrooms, develop knowledge for practice in their content area, and deepen their understanding of the knowledge, purposes, methods, and forms of their content area. Teacher leaders will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the construction of knowledge through inquiry with internship experiences and by developing a conceptual map of knowledge in the content area, understanding how that knowledge is developed, why it is important, and how that knowledge is communicated to others. In conjunction with CURR 682 and 683, teacher leaders will lead by example through the development of an interdisciplinary curricular unit based on the content that they have gained and an emphasis on the process of how they gained that content. May be repeated once for a maximum of 4.0 credits.

Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Leadership program.