ECEL 511

ECEL 511: Clinical Experience II in Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Settings
5.0 SH

Students demonstrate their knowledge of child development and the significant role of families and communities with regard to children's learning by planning and implementing developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive curriculum in an inclusive early childhood/elementary classroom. Focusing on the diverse needs of individual children, students develop, implement, and assess an integrated curriculum unit that incorporates the Core Curriculum Content Standards and emphasizes literacy across the curriculum. As reflective practitioners, students utilize multiple strategies to assess children's learning, classroom climate, and effective classroom management. Students are responsible for the full range of teacher activities in the classroom and are expected to seek out the resources of parents, administrators, and school colleagues. Students are to demonstrate their strengths as a teacher.

Prerequisites: ECEL 510
Corequisites: ECEL 504
Special fee.