FCST 445

FCST 445: Poverty and Families
3.0 SH

Students examine the impact of economic structures, social conditions, gender, race and ethnicity as they affect the family system as well as the various social factors that place families at risk including family structures and community conditions such as poverty, access to resources, and geographic locations. Community contact is a requirement of the course. Meets the 1983 General Education Requirement (GER) - Contemporary Issues. Meets the Human and Intercultural Relations Requirement (HIRR). Meets the World Languages and Cultures Requirement - World Cultures. This fulfills part 3 of the three-part graduation writing requirement for the majors in FCCL, FCPS, FCEL, FCFS, FCGR, FCEM, and FCSS. 3 hours lecture.

Prerequisites: FCST 304