FCST 844

Department:  FAMILY AND CHILD STUDIES 973-655-4171
Credits:  3.00

Power and the Intersectionality of Social Locations. Prerequisites: Matriculation in the Family Studies PhD program (FMST). In this course, students explore how individuals experience, organize and negotiate their membership in the full range of social categories to which they belong. Individuals have multiple, layered identities that are derived from social relations, history and the operation of structures of power; the intersection of these identities allows for the simultaneous experiences of oppression and privilege. In the course, students explore intersection theory, which holds that modes of inequality based on factors such as race, class and gender can combine in ways that may do violence to individuals and families through institutional and systematic practices antithetical to their well-being. Using this theoretical lens, students explore patterns of inequality based on these interconnecting systems of advantage and disadvantage, which are dependent on the particular social positioning of individuals and families. 3 credits lecture.