HLTH 101

HLTH 101: Personal Health Issues
3.0 SH

Personal Health Issues examines health through six interrelated dimensions: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, interpersonal and social, and environmental. This course examines how health choices impact society and the health of a community. Additionally, health policies and societal health issues are examined for their impact on the individual. This course emphasizes contemporary health issues using the national initiative Health People 2010 as a framework. Assessing health status, increasing health competencies to enhance decision-making skills, eliciting health-promoting behaviors, and interpreting existing and proposed social actions that ultimately affect individual, family, community and environmental health are central focuses of this course. Meets Gen Ed 2002 - Interdisciplinary Core, Scientific Issues. Meets the 1983 General Education Requirement (GER) - Electives, Personal/Professional Issues. 3 hours lecture.