HLTH 204

HLTH 204: Social and Behavioral Aspects of Health
3.0 SH

In this course, students develop knowledge and skills needed to understand health-related behaviors and health status from a social ecological perspective, considering factors at the individual, interpersonal, organizational, community, and policy levels. Students learn about and apply theories of health behavior and theories of change, creating a solid foundation for the in-depth study of population health and the development and evaluation of culturally appropriate, theory-based public health interventions. By exploring multilevel determinants and correlates of health behavior and status, students develop an understanding of how social institutions and dynamics contribute to health disparities and consider multilevel approaches to eliminating such disparities. Students apply knowledge, practice skills, enhance computer literacy, and improve oral and written communication skills. Previous course HLTH 304 effective through Fall 2015. 3 hours lecture.

Prerequisite(s): HLTH 102.