HLTH 525

HLTH 525: Grant Writing
3.0 SH

This course prepares students to develop proposals to secure grants from various types of funding agencies, including government, foundation, corporate and individual sources. Students develop skills to identify promising funding sources and write effective grant proposals that address important public health needs, are theoretically sound, empirically supported, feasible, and appropriate given the state of the science and practice. Students develop needs assessments that incorporate relevant data, program goals and objectives, clear program plans, evaluation plans, and budgets. By writing a grant proposal over the course of the semester and incorporating feedback, students develop strong grant writing skills through experiential learning. 3 lecture hours.

Prerequisites: Health Education (HLED) MA & CER, Public Health w/conc: Community Health Education (PUBC) MPH, and Human Sexuality Education (HSED) CER majors only or departmental approval.