HLTH 555

HLTH 555: Structures of Inequality in Public Health
3.0 SH

Health Disparities and Social Justice. This course is intended for students interested in working with underserved populations in the United States and internationally. The course helps prepare students to become leaders in US and international health by developing their ability to research, analyze, and compare information from multiple sources, and guides them in their efforts to improve the health conditions of those overburdened by poverty, marginalization and social injustice. Students examine the ways in which multiple forms of discrimination as well as neighborhood and community factors and inequalities in socioeconomic status interact to influence health behaviors. They explore the impact of access to health care services on health outcomes. Instruction is case-based and focuses on a set of medical problems of relevance to people living at the margins of society. Students work individually and in teams to develop interventions and solutions to the problems addressed in class. 3 hours lecture.

Prerequisites: Health Education (HLED) MA & CER, Public Health w/conc: Community Health Education (PUBC) MPH, and Human Sexuality Education (HSED) CER majors only or departmental approval.