SASE 505

SASE 505: Teaching, Democracy, and Schooling
3.0 SH

This course brings together differing viewpoints regarding the purposes of teaching in the United States and the teacher's role in fostering democracy. It provides future teachers with the habits of mind, skills, tools and resources to analyze and evaluate the relationship between the history of public education, the evolution of teacher identity, and the roles teachers and teaching have played in shaping the United States as a society and vice versa. Using Montclair State's Portrait of a Teacher as an organizing framework, students study the history, philosophy, and politics that shape differing views about the roles and responsibilities of teachers, teaching content and knowledge, and explore democratic principles and practices, including issues related to state standards and federal mandates, and curriculum for diverse students, including those with special needs and English Language Learners. Cross listed with EDFD 505. May be repeated once for a maximum of 6.0 credits. 3 hours lecture.

Corequisites: SASE 518