SASE 509

SASE 509: Sociocultural Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
3.0 SH

This course examines the qualities of teachers, teaching, and schooling that foster the learning of pupils from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Students in the course use various sociocultural perspectives to explore the ways in which experiences of socialization shape perceptions of oneself and others. They reflect on their own beliefs and assumptions about their sociocultural identities and how they have been shaped through experience. Students also examine the nature and impact of the increasing social and cultural diversity in K-12 schools, focusing on the experiences of socially and culturally diverse students in the United States. They investigate ways of teaching all children successfully and of developing positive relationships among teachers, parents, and children across diversity. They reflect on their capacity to bring about educational change that promotes educational equity and affirms diversity. As part of this course, students develop an in-depth community study focusing on an urban area with a predominantly poor and diverse population (a former Abbott district). This assignment helps students develop a framework for understanding the relationship between schools, communities, and society; cultivate skills needed to familiarize themselves with diverse communities and their residents; and envision ways they can help future students see connections between their in-school and out-of-school experiences. It also promotes their ability to work colloboratively with colleagues. May be repeated once for a maximum of 6.0 credits. Cross listed with EDFD 509. 3 hours lecture.

Prerequisites: SASE 505 or EDFD 505, SASE 518
Corequisites: SASE 516 or EDFD 516, SASE 517