SASE 527

SASE 527: Fieldwork
3.0 SH

Students will spend 120 hours, or approximately two days per week, in a selected public school. Activities include, but are not imited to, observing classroom teachers, facilitating small group and individual instruction, participating in after-school activities, tutoring, attending department meetings, shadowing and interviewing students and teachers, lesson planning and teaching, and assessing student work. May be repeated once for a maximum of 6.0 credits.

Prerequisites: SASE 505 or EDFD 505; and SASE 509 or EDFD 509; and SASE 516 or EDFD 516; and SASE 517; and SASE 518; and EDFD 519 or SASE 519; and READ 501
Corequisites: SASE 526 and content area methods course(s).