TETD 801

TETD 801: Policy Perspectives on Teacher Education & Teacher Development
3.0 SH

This course brings together policy-related theories and practices regarding teacher education and teacher development. It provides teacher educators with the habits of mind, skills, tools, and resources to analyze and evaluate: social, political, and economic arguments for increasing the quality of the teaching force; the competing agendas for the reform of teacher education (including professionalization, deregulation, and social justice); and the competing conceptions of teacher quality that accompany different theoretical perspectives. Teacher educators study a variety of teacher education and development issues, including teacher supply and demand, recruitment, initial preparation, certification, induction, continuing professional development, and program accreditation. They consider the impact of existing policies on teacher quality and teacher distribution and critique policies derived from current local, state, and federal legislation. They also explore their roles as advocates for teachers, students and families. Using data from the Schools and Staffing Survey (NCES), participants investigate a policy-related issue relevant to teacher education and teacher development.

Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education and Teacher Development (TETD) program or departmental approval.