TETD 802

TETD 802: Teaching and Teacher Education in a Diverse Society
3.0 SH

In this course, future teacher educators examine the intellectual, moral, and practical dimensions of teaching and of learning to teach in contexts characterized by diversity related to such socio-cultural dimensions as race, ethnicity, language, gender, (dis)ability, and social class. They explore theories and research related to preparing prospective teachers and supporting the continuing education of practicing teachers to successfully educate students of diverse backgrounds. They learn about the elements of culturally responsive teaching and approaches to preparing culturally responsive teachers. They examine issues such as teacher orientations to teaching students of diverse backgrounds, teacher knowledge and beliefs, teacher socialization and development, contextual influences on teaching and teacher education, and programmatic elements of teacher education. They explore different ways to apply what they learn in the contexts of teacher education and teacher professional development.

Prerequisites: Admission to Teacher Education and Teacher Development (TETD) program or departmental approval.