TETD 804

TETD 804: Educational Equity and School Change
3.0 SH

This course provides teacher educators an opportunity to examine how they can support practicing teachers in engaging in personal, classroom, and school transformation. Future teacher educators examine the dynamics of inequality at the individual, institutional, and socio-cultural levels and the ways in which teachers, individually and collectively, combat these inequalities through school change and social transformation. The course provides a theoretical framework for understanding the moral and ethical dimensions of school change and social inequality based on such factors as race, ethnicity, social class, (dis)abililty, and gender. Future teacher educators are asked to apply this framework in investigations of various educational settings. Participants discuss such core concepts as social power, privilege, dominance and subordination, prejudice, discrimination, liberation, democracy, change-in-action, agency, and teacher leadership.

Prerequisites: TETD 802. Admission to Teacher Education and Teacher Development (TETD) program or departmental approval.