TETD 808

TETD 808: Practicum in Teaching and Teacher Education
3.0 SH

This course provides participants the opportunity to intern as teacher educators and reflect on their apprenticeship experiences. With approval of the instructor, course participants select their type of practicum based on their interests and needs. Examples of practicum experiences include serving as a graduate teaching assistant for a professor of education, planning and conducting a series of professional development workshops in a school or district, or facilitating a teacher study group in a school. Participants must complete a minimum of 30 hours during their practicum. They also attend a weekly seminar where, using frameworks discussed in their pedagogy and curriculum courses, they reflect on their experiences and adapt their practices accordingly.

Prerequisites: TETD 801, TETD 802 and TETD 803. Admission to Teacher Education and Teacher Development (TETD) program or departmental approval.