TETD 818

TETD 818: Research Practicum in Teaching and Teacher Education
3.0 SH

This course provides future teacher educators hands-on experience conducting research that gives attention to diverse student populations and social contexts.  With approval of the instructor, each partipant carries out a supervised research project focused on some area of pre-service teacher education or teacher professional development.  The research practicum may draw on work begun in the qualitative and/or quantitative research methods courses, may be related to a larger research project being conducted by a faculty member, or may be a newly developed project.  Depending on the project, the student may participate in only some phases of a larger study or may carry out a smaller study from beginning to end.  The primary supervisor for a research project may be the course instructor or another faculty member who is carrying out a study.  The course instructor will provide primary or secondary supervision for all students in the course.  The instructor will make at least one visit to observe and mentor students who conduct field-based research projects.  Students attend a weekly seminar in which they examine the application of different approaches to research in teacher education and teacher development.

Prerequisites:  EDFD 820, 821