Course Requirements

The course requirements listed below apply to those students admitted on or after Fall 2014. Anyone admitted prior to this term should refer to their Analysis of Academic Progress on WESS or see your academic advisor for your official program of study.


Complete the following 3 courses for 9 semester hours:
COUN 579 Appraisal of the Individual (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 604 Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 605 Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
Complete 3-9 semesters hours from the following as recommended by the Graduate Program Coordinator:
COUN 540 Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 570 Counseling Adults (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 584 Group Counseling: Theory and Practice (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 590 Clinical Applications in Addictions Counseling (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 592 Theories of College Student Development (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 653 Special Topics in Counseling (as announced) 3
COUN 665 Ecotherapy: Applied Ecopsychology (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 672 Counseling Older Adults (3 hours lecture) 3
COUN 673 Gender Issues in Counseling 3
COUN 579 Theories of Consultation 3
COUN 564 Counseling Children and Adolescents 3
COUN 652 Introduction to Marriage, Couples, and Family Counseling 3
COUN 651 Gerontological Counseling 3
COUN 666 Advanced Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling 3
COUN 667 Counseling the Adoption Triad 3
COUN 569 Treatment in the Context of the Family 3
    Notes: Other electives may be approved by advisor
Special Topics in Counseling courses may be substituted
for electives if approved by advisor.

Internship Requirement

Students who have not completed a CACREP aligned, 600 hour, community agency/mental health internship, will complete COUN 654 Internship I and COUN 674 Internship II, in addition to required coursework as stated above. This requirement is a mandate from the State Board of Professional Counselors in NJ. Approval from the advisor for the Post Master’s Certificate Programs must be given to apply for the internship.

Program Total: 9-21 credits


Additional Requirements:

Minimum Requirements: This is a Post-Master's program, requiring a Master's in counseling or counselor education from an accredited U.S. college or university. This certificate is designed to supplement a Master's in Counseling degree with the credit hours necessary in attaining the 60 semester hour minimum required by the Professional Counselor Committee of the NJ Board of Marriage and Family Therapists. Included in the Master's degree must be a two-semester Counseling Internship experience of 600 total hours (300 each semester) in a non-school setting.

The States of New Jersey, New York, and 47 other states, require status as a licensed counselor in order to work as a counselor in those states, in all settings that are non-school based. This certificate will provide the additional courses that are required in New Jersey, with the number and type of required credits being totally dependent upon the number of appropriate credits gained for the initial Master's degree.

Each matriculated certificate student will be advised on an individual basis in choosing the most appropriate courses for her/him. Students may be required to take additional credits to reflect current State of NJ for the LPC. Course substitutions may be approved depending on transcript review of the Master's degree, by the LPC Program Advisor and The Graduate School.