Course Requirements

The course requirements listed below apply to those students admitted on or after Fall 2008. Anyone admitted prior to this term should refer to their Analysis of Academic Progress on WESS or see your academic advisor for your official program of study.


Core Courses
Number Name Hours
COUN 581 Community Resources 3
COUN 583 Counseling in Schools I 3
COUN 579 Appraisal of the Individual 3
EDFD 582 Learning Theories 3
*A minimum of 3-6 hours from this list of courses:
COUN 531 Counseling Across the Lifespan 3
COUN 540 Introduction to Substance Abuse Counseling 3
COUN 564 Counseling Children and Adolescents 3
COUN 653 Selected Topics in Counseling (as announced and pertinent to school counseling) 3
EDFD 540 Cultural and Social Aspects of Education 3
Internship: 6 credits
The State of NJ requires a two semester, 600-hour internship practical experience, under supervision, in a K-12 setting.
PROGRAM TOTAL: 18-21 credits

Additional Requirements:

Minimum Requirements: This is a Post-Master's program, requiring a Master's in counseling or counselor education from an accredited U.S. college or university. This is designed to supplement a Master's degree in Counseling with the school-pertinent credit hours necessary in attaining a State of New Jersey School Counselor Certification. Included in the Master's degree must be a two-semester Counseling Internship experience of 600 total hours (300 each semester) in a K-12 setting. If this is not the case, those internship hours/courses will be additional to the requirements.

**NOTE: This program will provide the additional courses that are required, with the number and type of required credits being dependent upon the number of appropriate credits gained for the initial Master's degree, as well as the setting in which the internship hours were earned. Please refer to the attached Check Sheet, which lists all of the requirements of the MA in School Counseling Concentration from MSU, approved by the State of NJ.

Each matriculated certificate student will be advised on an individual basis in choosing the most appropriate courses for her/him. Students may be required to take additional credits to reflect current State of New Jersey and MSU requirements for the certification as a school counselor, as per the Check Sheet. Course substitutions may be approved depending on transcript review of the Master's degree, by the Post-Master's in School Counseling Program Advisor, and The Graduate School.

NOTE: The State of NJ requires a full Master's in Counseling to become eligible for a School Counseling Certification. For students not having the clinical pre requisites required by Montclair State University's CACREP-equivalent program, additional hours might be necessary. Each fully matriculated student will receive personal advising as to the best path.