Modified Alternate Route (MAR) / P-3 Certification

The P-3 Modified Alternate Route Program at Montclair State University is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE). The program provides the courses necessary for a teacher to apply for P-3 licensure through the NJDOE. The program consists of 9 courses which totals 24 credits. This program is non-degree. The P-3 MAR program targets employed teachers in pre-kindergarten through third grade classrooms. It is also for teachers with K-5/K-6 Certification who are in a Kindergarten to 3rd grade classroom and are looking for Pre-K Certification. Courses are offered at the Montclair State University campus as well as in off campus locations in South Jersey through Cumberland County College.‌

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Early Childhood Education Modified Alternative Route Information Packet
The P-3 MAR Program is designed for working teachers who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and would like to complete the courses necessary to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) from the New Jersey Department of Education for preschool through third grade (P-3).