Frequently Asked Questions about the P-3 MAR Program*
  1. Where are classes held?
    Classes for the P-3 Modified Alternate Route, through Montclair State University, are held at the Montclair State University campus as well as at Cumberland County College.

  2. How do I know where MY class will be held?
    Section 91 classes are held on the MSU main campus.
    Section 71 classes are held on the Cumberland County College Campus.
    Before registering, using the NEST system please consult your Course Information Sheet listing all the courses for your P-3 program cohort. If you do not have the course listing for your Cohort, please contact someone in the P-3 MAR office.
  3. How do I register?
    All P-3 students must register for classes using the NEST system. If you do not have access to a computer, you may come to the P-3 office or you can access one of the many computer labs on campus.

  4. How much does the program cost?
    The cost, per credit, for the modified alternate route post-baccalaureate program is dependent upon the current Montclair State University tuition rates. Current graduate tuition rates can be found here.

  5. What is a C.E.?
    A Certificate of Eligibility, or a C.E., is issued to the student who has applied to the State of New Jersey for the document. There is a cumulative average requirement. Please check on the D.O.E. licensing and credentials website for the most current information. The Certificate of Eligibility is just that; it makes a person eligible to seek employment in the public schools in New Jersey. For P-3 Modified Alternate Route students, you should apply for a Pre-School through Grade 3 Certificate of Eligibility. Applications are available on the NJ DOE website.

  6. What do I do about Mentoring?
    Mentoring for the P-3 MAR program student consists of the student being assigned a mentor. The mentor will visit the student's school to observe the student as a teacher for a period of three hours. Mentoring for the P-3 MAR Program is course ECEL 510, Clinical Exp. I. This is the last class that students register for before completing the program. Before students can register for the course a Clinical Application must be filled out and faxed to the office. The form can be obtained by clicking on the link below or calling the P-3 MAR office. Once the application is received from the student, a permit to the ECEL 510 is approved, and the student can then register for the course.
    ECEL 510 Clinical I Application (.pdf)

  7. What happens if I find that I can't attend a course and the semester has already started?
    If, for whatever reason, you decide you can't take a course that you are registered for in a particular semester, you MUST WITHDRAW FROM THE COURSE BY THE WITHDRAWAL DEADLINES STIPULATED BY THE UNIVERSITY CALENDAR OF DATES. You can access this information on the MSU website.

  8. What do I do after I finish the P-3 classes?
    When your P-3 classes are finished, you will receive your Letter of Completion 2-3 weeks after grades have been posted. You must also request an official transcript from the Registrar's Office at MSU. This documentation will ultimately need to be sent to the NJ DOE to obtain your standard certification.

  9. What do I do if I decide I would like to continue my education and enter a master's degree program?
    If you decide that you would like to APPLY for the Masters of Arts in Teaching program, you MUST apply online through the Graduate School within two years of completing the P-3 Modified Alternate Route Program. If you are accepted into the MAT P-3 program, all of the MSU credits obtained from your P-3 Modified Alternate Route Program, providing you received a B or better, will be accepted and counted toward your MAT P-3 program. 

  10. How do I pay for the P-3 MAR Program?
    There are various ways you can pay for the P-3 MAR Program. You can utilize the payment plan offered by Montclair State University. Please contact Student Accounts for more information. If you are applying for financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

*If your question has not been addressed here, please do not hesitate to call the P-3 Office, (973) 655-7490, and we will be happy to try to answer all your questions and address all your concerns.