Course Requirements

The course requirements listed below apply to those students admitted on or after Fall 2009. Anyone admitted prior to this term should refer to their Analysis of Academic Progress on WESS or see your academic advisor for your official program of study.

Prerequisite Courses
Number Name Hours
FCST 214 Child Development I - One semester of child development or equivalent (birth-middle-childhood) 3
FCST 512 Child Development I - Theories of Child Development or equivalent 3
Fundamental Speech Communication or equivalent 3
  Physiology & Hygiene (State certification requirement; approved course or exam offered by the Center of Pedagogy)  
  Completion and passing score on PRAXIS II Early Childhood Content Knowledge The test code beginning 9/1/2015 is 5025. (Tests completed prior to 9/1/2015 should be code 5022/0022).   
Core Courses 9
Number Name Hours
ECEL 501 Perspectives on EC/EL Education in a Diverse Society (10hrs fld exp) 3
ECEL 518 Families, Communities, and Schools: Diversity, Culture & Democracy 3
READ 500 Literacy Foundations 3
Content/Methods Courses (select one) 3
Number Name Hours
ECEL 516 Social Studies and the Arts: Understanding Democracy in Elementary Classrooms 3
ECEL 517 Integrating Science and Technology in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms 3
MATH 577 Mathematics Education in the Elementary School 3
Professional Sequence Courses 12
Semester Before Student Teaching
  Students must apply to the Center of Pedagogy for a Clinical placement the semester prior to their Clinical experience. Due dates are 3/1 for September placement and 10/1 for January. These deadlines are strictly adhered to by the Center of Pedagogy.  
Number Name Hours
ECEL 528 Early Childhood Curriculum in Inclusive Settings 3
ECEL 510 Clinical Experience I: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Setting 2
ECEL 502 Seminar I: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom 1
Student Teaching Semester
Number Name Hours
ECEL 504 Seminar II: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms 1
ECEL 511 Clinical Experience II: Inclusive Early Childhood and Elementary Settings 5
ECEL 514 In-service Supervised Graduate Student Teaching 5
PROGRAM TOTAL: 24 credits