Course Requirements

The course requirements listed below apply to those students admitted on or after Fall 2015. Anyone admitted prior to this term should refer to their Analysis of Academic Progress on WESS or see your academic advisor for your official program of study. 

Pre-requisite Requirements: If not taken previously, complete the following courses (or their equivalents as approved in writing by the graduate program coordinator).
Number Name Hours
FCST 512 Child Development I: Theories of Child Development  3
READ 500 Literacy Foundations  3
Core Courses
Number Name Hours
ECSE 502 Sociolcultural Contents of Disability and Inclusive Education 3
ECSE 505 Learning and Development in Children With and Without Disabilities 3
ECSE 508 Strengthening Partnership with Families of Children with Disabilities 3
Specialization Courses
Number Name Hours
ECSE 536 Observation and Assessment of Elementary Age Children with Disabilities 3
ECSE 539 Pedagogy in Inclusive Elementary Education 3
ECSE 540 Practicum and Seminar in Inclusive Elementary Education 3
ECSE 541  Advanced Pedagogy in Inclusive Elementary Education  3
READ 515 Literacy Strategies for the Inclusive Elementary Classroom 3
PROGRAM TOTAL: 24 credits