Dr. Elizabeth J. Erwin


Early Childhood, Elementary and Literacy Education

Dr. Elizabeth J. Erwin

Office: University Hall 3241
Phone: (973) 655-6843
Email: erwine@mail.montclair.edu


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  • EdD Teachers College, Columbia University
  • MA Teachers College, Columbia University
  • BS Syracuse University


Career Appointments 

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Selected Books and Chapters

Turnbull, A., Turnbull, R., Erwin, E. & Soodak, L. & Shogren, K. (2015). Families, professionals and exceptionality: Positive outcomes through partnership and trust (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson.

Erwin, E. J. & Soodak, L. C. (2008). The evolving relationship between families of children with disabilities and professionals: A reflection of the past 30 years. (pp. 33-61). In T.C. Jiminez & V. Graf (Ed.). Education for all: Critical issues in the education of children with disabilities. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Erwin, E. J., Soodak, L. C., Winton, P.J., & Turnbull, A. P. (2001). "I wish it wouldn't all depend upon me": Research on families and early childhood inclusion. In M. J. Guralnick (Ed.), Early childhood inclusion: Focus on change. (pp. 127-158). Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company.

Erwin, E. J. (Ed.). (1996). Putting children first: Visions for a brighter future for young children and their families. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company.

Selected Refereed Articles

Erwin, E.J. & Robinson, K. R. (2015): The joy of being: making way for young children's natural mindfulness, Early Child Development and Care, DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2015.1029468

Puig, V.I., Erwin, E.J., Evenson, T.L., & Beresford, M. (2015). It’s a two-way street: Examining how trust diversity and contradiction influence a sense of community. Journal of Research in Childhood Education.29:2, 187-201, DOI: 10.1080/02568543.2015.1009588

Erwin, E.J., Puig, V. I., Evenson, T. L. & Beresford, M. (2012). Community and connection in inclusive early childhood education: A participatory action research investigation. Young Exceptional Children. 15(4), 1-12.

Erwin, E.J., Brotherson, M.J.& Summers, J.A.(2011). Understanding qualitative meta-synthesis. Issues and opportunities in early childhood intervention research. Journal of Early Intervention. 33(3), 186-200.

Erwin, E. J., Brotherson, M. J., Palmer, S., Cook, C., Weigel, C. & Summers, J. A. (2009). Promoting self-determination for young children with disabilities: Evidenced-based strategies for practitioners and families. Young Exceptional Children. 12(2), 27-37.

Brotherson, M. J., Cook, C., Erwin, E., & Weigel, C. (2008). Understanding self-determination and families of young children with disabilities in home environments. Journal of Early Intervention, 31,22-43.

Erwin, E. J. & Morton, N. (2008). Exposure to media violence and young
children with and without disabilities: Powerful opportunities for family-professional partnerships. Early Childhood Education Journal, 36, 105-112.

Erwin, E. J. & Guintini, M. (2000). Inclusion and classroom membership in early childhood. International Journal of Disability, Development and Education, 47(3), 237-257.

Soodak, L. C. & Erwin, E. J. (2000). Valued member or tolerated participant: Parents' experiences in inclusive early childhood settings. The Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps, 25, 29-41.

Erwin, E. J., Alimaras, E., & Price, N. (1999). A qualitative study of social dynamics in an inclusive preschool. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 14( 1), 56-67).

Erwin, E. J. & Kipness, N. A. (1997). Fostering democratic values in inclusive early childhood settings. Early Childhood Education Journal, 25(1), 57-60.

Editorial Activities

Editorial and Guest Reviewer

Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company, Book Reviewer and Endorsement, 2014

Sage Publications, Book Proposal Reviewer, 2014

Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, Invited Guest Reviewer, 2014

Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company, Book Proposal Reviewer, 2013

Journal of Early Intervention, 2012 - present

Young Exceptional Children, 2011 - present

Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness, 1990-present



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Professional Association Memberships

  • Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
  • Division for Early Childhood (DEC)

Reviewer for the following professional journals

  • Infants and Young Children: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Other Types of Reviews

  • Conference Proposals for Early Childhood Strand
  • Guest Peer Review 
  • Book Endorsement, Manuscript or Prospectus Review

Work With Schools and Other Agencies

  • Franklin School, Newark – working with a 4th grade teacher on literacy instruction and assessment
  • International Institute of NJ (agency that provides support services to immigrants) – Board member



Recent Grant Experience

  • 2013-2014 Project Director, Mindfulness and Early Childhood Education, Montclair State University Career Development Award.
  • 2009-2013 Co-Principal Investigator, Building Foundations for Self-Determination in Young Children with Disabilities: Family-Professional Partnerships. U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Special Education Research, Institute of Education Sciences, Consortium with University of Kansas and Iowa State University.
  • 2010 Project Director, Understanding Qualitative Research Metasynthesis: Issues and Opportunities. Montclair State University Career Development.



Scholarly Interests and Specialties

  • Inclusive education
  • Family-professional partnerships 
  • Building classroom communities for diverse learners


  • 2015 University of Kristianstad, Sweden, New Ways of Thinking about  Inclusive Education: Building a Sustainable and Global Partnership with Sweden, Montclair State University Global Education’s Grant-Funded Travel to Sweden to Develop Collaborative Initiative 
  • 2014 University of Bristol, England, Family Empowerment and Children with Disabilities Symposium. Family Wisdom and the Education of Children with Disabilities. Video Conference Presentation.
  • 2000 Step By Step International Renaissance of the Children's Resources International, Consultant and Trainer, Donovaly, Slovakia (provided one week training for university faculty from 2 countries on inclusive education in early childhood)
  • 2000 Step By Step International Renaissance of the Children's Resources International, Consultant and Trainer, Almaty, Kazakhstan (provided one week training for university faculty from 2 countries on inclusive education in early childhood)
  • 1999 Step By Step International Renaissance of the Children's Resources International, Consultant and Trainer, Ulan Bataar, Mongolia (provided one week training for teachers and administrators on early childhood development and education)



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