Dr. Eric J. Weiner


Early Childhood, Elementary and Literacy Education

Dr. Eric J. Weiner

Office: University Hall 3222
Phone: (973) 655-5177
Email: weinerer@mail.montclair.edu


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  • PhD Pennsylvania State University
  • MA University of Massachusetts
  • BA University of Massachusetts


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Journal Articles

Eric J. Weiner. (2008/2009)  “Time is on Our Side: Rewriting the Space of Imagination” Situations:  Project of the Radical Imaginary.  Vol. 3:1, 125-150 

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Eric J. Weiner. (2003). “Neoliberal Ideology, State Curriculum Standards, and the Manufacturing of Educational Needs:  Notes on the Transformation of State Power and Ideological State Apparatuses in the Age of Globalization.”  Educational Foundations, Vol. 17:4, 21-56 

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Eric J. Weiner. (2005). Private Learning, Public Needs: The Neoliberal Assault on Democratic Education. New York: Peter Lang Publishers  

Eric J. Weiner. (in process). Imagination as Experience. Sense Publishers 

Book Chapters 

Eric J. Weiner. (reprint 2010). “Constructions of Innocence in Times of War: Breaking into the Hegemony of Peace.” Taboo: Best 10 Articles in 10 years from the Journal Taboo. Peter Lang, New York.

Eric J. Weiner. (2007). “Critical Pedagogy and the Crisis of Imagination.” In Critical Pedagogy: Where Are We Now?  (pp. 57-78). P. McLaren and J. Kincheloe (Eds). New York: Routledge. 

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Eric J. Weiner. (2001). “Social Formations and the Politics of Literacy Education: Confronting the Stacked Deck of Opportunity.” In Becoming Political, Too. (pp. 204-214).  P. Shannon (Ed). Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann 

Essay Book Reviews 

Eric J. Weiner. (2006). Savage Pastimes (New York: St. Martin’s Press) by Harold Schechter. Teachers College Record, Record Books, Vol. 108, No. 8  (August); pp. 1679-1684. 

Eric J. Weiner. (2005). Alain Leroy Locke: Race, Culture, and the Education of African American Adults (New York: Rodolpi, 2004) by Rudolph Alexander Kofi Cain. Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across the Disciplines

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Eric J. Weiner. (2004). Contextualizing Difficulties in Literacy Development: Exploring Politics, Culture, Ethnicity, and Ethics. (Eds.). Janet Soler, Janice Wearmouth and Gavin Reid (London: RoutledgeFalmer, 2002) in Teachers College Record, Vol. 106, (2), pp. 235-248. 

Eric J. Weiner. (2002). Chomsky on Miseducation. (Ed). Donaldo Macedo. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 45:6, pp. 544-545 

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Eric J. Weiner. (2009). “Critical Pedagogy in the Age of Obama.” The Paula and Nita Freire International Project for Critical Pedagogy, Date Published February 2, 2009.  http://freire.mcgill.ca/blogs/critical-pedagogy-age-obama.  Date Accessed 2/29/09 1:00 PM. 

Eric J. Weiner. (2006). “The Crisis of Literacy in Teacher Education: Notes on Radicalizing the Educational Imagination.” Teachers College Record, Date Published: February 08, 2006 http://www.tcrecord.org ID Number: 12320, Date Accessed: 2/13/2006 10:03:37 AM



2010    (upcoming) American Education Research Association, Denver, Colorado
                Presentation:  The Ecological Imagination: Notes on Process, Content, Practice 

2008    Equity and Social Justice in Education Conference, Richard Stockton College, Pomona, New Jersey.
                Presentation:  Is there a crisis in the educational imagination? 

2006    American Education Research Association, San Francisco, California
                Presentation: Constructions of Innocence in Times of War: Breaking into the Hegemony of Peace 

2005    American Education Research Association, Montreal, Canada
                Presentation: Class Power: Examining the Pedagogical Implications of Stanley Aronowitz’s
                Theory of Social Class

2004    National Reading Conference, San Antonio, Texas
                Presentation: Leaving Adults Behind: Developing Literacies of Social Justice in a Neoliberal Age 

2004    Annual Spring Conference, Teaching Children in Violent Times: Building a Peaceable Classroom.
                Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education Department.  Nutley, New Jersey
                Presentation: Media Literacy, Disney, and Identity 

2004    American Education Research Association, San Diego, California
                Presentation: Neoliberalism and Curriculum Development 

2004    New Directions in the Humanities, Prato, Italy
                Presentation: Language Arts Literacy in a Neoliberal Age 

2003    Graduate Forum.  Montclair State University
                Presentation: Adult Education and the Politics of Workplace Literacies. 

2003    American Education Research Association, Chicago, Illinois
                Presentation:  Cultural Studies and Critical Pedagogy 

2003    American Education Research Association, Chicago, Illinois
                Presentation: Paths from Erich Fromm 

2002    Network for Educational Renewal Summer Conference, Montclair State University. 
                Presentation: Teaching the Practices of Cultural Studies 

2002    American Education Research Association, New Orleans, Louisiana
                Presentation: Secretariat Paulo Freire and the Promise of Democratic Education: Toward a
                Theory of Transformative Leadership

2002    American Education Research Association, New Orleans, Louisiana
                Presentation: Making the Pedagogical (Re)Turn: Henry Giroux’s Insurgent Cultural Pedagogy 

2001    New Student Forum, Montclair State University
                Presentation: Critical Literacy in the Developmental Classroom

2001    Graduate Forum, Montclair State University
                Presentation: Disney and the Pedagogy of Innocence:  Memory, History, and Representations 

2000    21st Annual Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Practice, Dayton, Ohio.
                Presentation: Polemics and the Politics of War in Academia 

1998    American Education Studies Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
                Participant: Performance Reader for J. H. Sanders, Arts Based Education Reforms




2006-2008       Chair, Department Personnel Committee

2006/2007       New Faculty Mentor

2006-2008       Graduate Curriculum Committee

2005/2006       Professional Sequence Task Force       

2005-2007       Preparing Doctoral Program—Literacy, Language and Culture

2005/2006       College Senate

2005                     NCATE preparation

2005/2006       Co-Chair, Search Committee, Literacy, Montclair State University

2005/2006       Writing/Research/Publishing workshops for faculty

2004/2005       Curriculum/Course Development:  General Education Core Course

2004/2005       Co-Chair, Search Committee, Literacy, Montclair State University

2003/2004       Co-Chair, Search Committee, Literacy, Montclair State University

2004-ongoing  NCATE preparation for performance-based assessment, Montclair State University

2003                     Curriculum/Course Development:  General Education Core Course, Team Teaching

2003                     Cultural Studies reading group in the service of Cultural Studies Certificate, 
                                Montclair State University

2003                     Chair, Special meeting of Undergraduate Curriculum Search Committee, 
                                Montclair State University

2003                     Taskforce on Student Success and Retention, Montclair State University

2003                     Search Committee, Literacy, Montclair State University

2002                     AERA, Nominations Committee for Division B (Curriculum)

2002-present   Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Montclair State University

2002                     Consultant: New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research, Elizabeth, New Jersey

2001                     Consultant: College Assistance Migrant Program.  Penn State University.

2000                     “Kids for Sale” interviewed by Nancy Marie Brown, Research/Penn State (2000), pp. 38-45. 


2008-present   Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, Editorial Review Board

2005-present   Youth and Society, reviewer

2005-present   Journal of Curriculum Studies, reviewer

2004-present   Urban Education, reviewer

2003-2004       Journal of education/culture/pedagogy, reviewer

2003-2009       Teachers College Record, reviewer

2002-present   Taboo, Editorial Advisory Board

2002-present   Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, reviewer

Reviewer for the following professional journals

  • Youth and Society
  • Journal of Curriculum Studies, reviewer
  • Urban Education, reviewer
  • Journal of education/culture/pedagogy, reviewer
  • Teachers College Record, reviewer
  • Taboo, reviewer
  • Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, reviewer

Professional journals for which you are on the editorial board.

  • Taboo, Editorial Advisory Board



Sabbatical awarded for the academic year 2008-2009.  Proposal was ranked number one in the College of Education.



Scholarly Interests and Specialties

  • Social and Political Theory
  • Critical Literacy/Critical Pedagogy


Critical Pedagogy, Social Theory, Literacy/Language/Culture, Sociology of Education