Student Advisement


The Department Advisement Team consists of:

  • The Student
  • Advisement Coordinator
  • Program Coordinators
  • Faculty Mentors

Each member of the team has specific responsibilities in the advisement process.

An advisor will be assigned according to the area of study. The advisement coordinator will post a listing of student mentors, assist students with the processing of credit adjustments, change of major forms and review individual student audits. If you are unsure of who your advisor is, you may contact Eduardo Saavedra, the Department Administrator. He can be reached by phone (973) 655-5254, or by e-mail, Mr. Eduardo Saavedra. Mr. Saavedra also holds weekly office hours for undergraduate student advisement problems and questions.

The program coordinators will provide program specific information pertaining to grade point requirements, cooperative education experiences and internships. Each coordinator will have a dedicated bulletin board for posting of information. The faculty mentors will be available for advising concerning career options, portfolio review and job opportunities. Each mentor has posted office hours for drop in or appointment visits.

All students must review the student handbook and their official program of study, which may be accessed online through WESS. The program of study lists the required courses for completion of degree requirements. The student handbook details the university policies established by the academic community. Review of these materials is a student responsibility.

Although a lot of assistance is available to students, you are ultimately responsible for selecting and registering for courses, knowing the University policies outlined in the catalog, and being aware of what requirements you need to fulfill. You are encouraged to contact your advisor at any time during the year if difficulties arise.

ESPE Student Handbook