Faculty & Staff

Department Chair

Katia Paz Goldfarb
University Hall 4145 
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  Education: PhD, Michigan State University; MA, Eastern Michigan University; BA, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Research/Interests: Examining the social issues that influence families and community life, particularly latino families and children, family diversity and the role of family and child studies in the teacher preparation


Shannon Bellum headshot

Shannon Bellum
Department Administrator
University Hall 4149 

  Education: MFA, MA, Montclair State University; BS SUNY-Oneonta
Research/Interests: Career counseling for higher education, group processes, student life processes and development


Christopher Cottle headshot

Christopher Cottle
Department Advisor
University Hall 3111 


Jen Wilenta
Program Assistant
University Hall 4144

  Education:  MA, BS, Montclair State University
Research/Interests:  Positive youth development; Out-of-school activity involvement; Program development and evaluation; Student development




Jonathan Caspi headshot

Jonathan Caspi
University Hall 4182
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  Education: PhD, University at Albany, S.U.N.Y.; MSW, Hunter College School of Social Work, C.U.N.Y.; BA, New York University
Research/Interests: Sibling relationships and development with a focus on sibling aggression, creating empirically-based practice strategies for addressing sibling-related issues, clinical social work supervision, family therapy.


Ashley Ermer
University Hall 4209

  Education: PhD, MS, University of Missouri; BA, Nebraska Wesleyan University Research/Interests: Family gerontology; The interplay between older adults' wellbeing and social relationships, particularly romantic relationships and friendships; Forgiveness in the context of social relationships and wellbeing


Constance Gager headshot

Constance Gager
University Hall 4030 
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  Education: PhD, MA, University of Pennsylvania; MA, University of Vermont; BA, Clark University (Massachusetts)
Research/Interests: Predictors of relationship quality and divorce; the division of household labor, adolescent time use


Pauline Garcia-Reid headshot

Pauline Garcia-Reid
University Hall 4186
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  Education: PhD, Fordham University; MSW, BA, Rutgers University
Research/Interests: Culturally-grounded social work practice, latino/a emphasis, educational outcomes, youth substance use & violence prevention


Sara Goldstein headshot

Sara Goldstein
University Hall 4032
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  Education: PhD, Bowling Green State University; MA, Bowling Green State University-Ohio; BA, College of New Jersey
Research/Interests: Social and cognitive development, focusing on the development of peer relationships and peer behavior during childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Specifically, how peer relationships and cognitions about peer relationships influence the development of aggression and other forms of problem behavior


Lyndal Khaw headshot

Lyndal Khaw
University Hall 4184
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Education: PhD, MS, BS University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Research/Interests:  Intimate partner violence, the process of leaving abusive partners, changes in family relationships, family stress and dynamics, qualitative methods



Chih-Yuan Steven Lee
University Hall 4180 
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  Education: PhD, University of Minnesota; MS, Auburn University; BA, National Taiwan University
Research/Interests: Adolescence and Young Adulthood, cross-cultural research on family dynamics, depression and suicide prevention, substance use and abuse, relationships among family financial stress, parenting, and child development, and prevention intervention program implementation


Soyoung Lee headshot

Soyoung Lee
University Hall 4038
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  Education: PhD Virginia Tech, MS, BS Seoul National University
Research/Interests: Community capacity, reciprocal influences between diverse families and communities, immigrant families, family life education, family program development and evaluation, decision making among young females


Miriam R. Linver
University Hall 4211
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  Education: PhD, MS, University of Arizona; BA, Brandeis University
Research/Interests: Family processes through which income affects children and youth, transition to young adulthood; child and adolescent time use


Olena Nesteruk headshot

Olena Nesteruk
University Hall 4036
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  Education: PhD, Louisiana State University; MS, Louisiana State University; BS, National University of Life & Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Research/Interests: Immigrant family dynamics over the life course and across generations; acculturation, parenting, and intergenerational relationships; heritage language and ethnic identity development; Eastern European immigrants; qualitative research.


Robert Reid headshot

Robert J. Reid
University Hall 4040 
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  Education: PhD, Columbia University; MSW, Rutgers; BA, Rutgers
Research/Interests:  Community based participatory research, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention among urban minority youth, structural and environmental interventions to prevent alcohol and tobacco use


Pearl Stewart
University Hall 4188
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  Education: PhD, University of Delaware; MSSA, Case Western Reserve University; BS, University of Delaware
Research/Interests: African-american extended families, family diversity, cultural connections between african american and west african families


Jennifer Brown Urban headshot

Jennifer Brown Urban
University Hall 4205
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  Education: PhD, Cornell University; MA, Cornell University; BA, Tufts University
Research/Interests: Applied developmental science; Positive youth development; Developmental Systems Theories and Systems Science; Out-of-school activity involvement and the impact on positive and negative indicators of development; Ecological and neighborhood factors as context for development; Effective means of integrating research, practice, and policy; Evaluation and program planning particularly for youth development programs, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs, and public health programs


Bradley van Eeden-Moorefield
University Hall 4034
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  Education: PhD, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro; MSW, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University; BA, Appalachian State University
Research/Interests: Factors related to relationship quality and stability, Contextual effects (i.e., discrimination, policy) on family relationships, Remarriage and stepfamilies, LGBT-headed families, Program development and evaluation, Qualitative and quantitative Internet methodology

Adjunct Faculty

  • James Albert
  • Veronica Barrios
  • Shaniqua Bradley
  • Elaine Carratello-Healy
  • Trasure Cohen
  • Stacey Coleman
  • Lauren Cosentino
  • Jennifer Costa
  • Rebecca Davis
  • Amy Goldberg (Stillman)
  • Arlene Gordon
  • Shannon Hennessy (Jenkins)
  • Victoria Illnick Swomley
  • Susan Korn
  • Gale Mangold
  • William Marotta
  • John Marshall
  • Linda McKay
  • Norman Ng
  • Alyssa Nittolo
  • Nancy O'Toole
  • Jessica Olmo (Szweada)
  • Gwen Parker-Ames
  • Janice Petix
  • Sanaz Saminejad
  • Ellen Samitt
  • Robert Sindoni
  • Jody Springer-Seidenberg
  • Ellen Taner
  • Kenneth Watson
  • James Weidenborner
  • Keisha Wint