The Internship Experience

The Internship Experience is a requirement for any FSHD student with a concentration in Family Services or Gerontology.  Therefore, this page contains general information relevant to those students only, as they begin to prepare for the final step on their path to graduation.      

More detailed information including important documents, deadlines, & announcements, as well as our comprehensive Site Directory, are available in our Canvas Community “FSHD Internship Experience.”  Students will be given access to this Community once they have declared their FSHD Major/Concentration.

*NOTE: If you have already declared your FSHD major/concentration, and do not yet have access to the Canvas Community, please contact the FSHD Department immediately (

General Information

The Coursework:  The Internship Experience is comprised of two separate courses, FCST 409 (Internship) and FCST 400 (Senior Seminar), each with their own academic requirements.  These two courses must be taken together during the last semester of the students’ Senior year, upon successful completion of 90 credits or more, including FCST 315 or 316.  It is also preferred that these be the only two classes students have left to take prior to graduation.   

The Site Search:  Students are encouraged to find their Internship at a Site that best suits their own professional goals and personal interests.  With this in mind, students have completed their Internships in many different and unique environments – from community aid and outreach programs, to local hospitals and rehab facilities, to school and judicial systems - across a wide variety of geographic locations, from Cumberland County to Kenya!         

The Application Process:  In order to ensure a smooth start to the Internship semester, it is necessary to prepare for it at least one semester in advance.  Permission is required to register for both classes, and in order to be given that permission, both the student and their chosen Internship Site must first be approved by the FSHD Internship Coordinator, Elizabeth Scott.  


  • The Site Directory:  Containing more than 100 Sites that have worked with our Interns in the past, the Directory is available through our Canvas Community – FCST Internship Experience.
  • The Annual FSHD Internship Fair:  Held during the Fall semester each year, the Fair provides an excellent opportunity for students to create connections face-to-face, often securing Internships on the spot.  Dates announced yearly.
  • In-Person Appointments:  Appointments with the Internship Coordinator, Elizabeth Scott, can be booked online at