Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Certificate Program (AND Certificate)

Dietetics Coordinator: Ms. Rebecca Miller
Office: University Hall, Room 4019
Phone Number: (973) 655-3753
DPD Director:  Dr. Yeon Bai
Office:  University Hall, Room 4026
Phone Number:  (973) 655-3220


The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Program is approved by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics- (ACEND). It involves completion of an undergraduate curriculum known as the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) which is offered within the Department of Health and Nutrition Sciences. Individuals with a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in any field may complete the coursework to achieve an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) Verification Statement.

The Verification Statement is required for applying to AND dietetic internships or supervised practice programs as well as active membership in the Association and some employment applications. The Dietetic Internship is the supervised practice requirement which is a prerequisite to taking the national registration exam the status of the Registered Dietician is achieved and the credentials RD may be used in practice.

* This didactic program in dietetics is approved by the ACEND. Careful advisement is recommended so that requirements of the ACEND might be met.

Please contact Program Coordinator before declaring this career option.  Switching from AND Certificate Program to 2nd B.S. in Nutrition and Food Science - Dietetics (and vice versa) will result in loss of credits and is not recommended.

Health and Nutrition Sciences students in lab  

Nutrition and Food Science Brochure
With national rates of obesity and related illnesses at an all time high, and with outbreaks of food borne illnesses such as salmonella regularly making headlines, the general public has begun to realize just how important it is to eat well. Nutrition and food science focus on the chemical and biological components of food and the ways in which these ingredients affect our health.

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