Learning Outcomes & Career Opportunities

What will I learn?

Certificate coursework will provide training on evaluation theory, research/evaluation ethics, logic models, program theory, considering stakeholder perspectives, designing evaluation studies, designing data collection instruments, collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data, interpreting and reporting on analyses, and facilitating the use of evaluation findings to make program improvements.

What can I do with a Certificate in Program Evaluation?

The demand for program evaluation is growing. Public and private funders want to see a return on their investments. Funded programs across a variety of industries are being pressured to justify these investments to stakeholders through program evaluation – by assessing program processes and implementation, measuring outcomes, and informing ongoing program improvement.

This Certificate program will provide the concepts and skills professionals need to:

  1. Identify and engage key stakeholders for evaluation purposes;
  2. Design and develop appropriate data collection instruments for program evaluation;
  3. Articulate the theories and major issues surrounding contemporary program evaluation, and;
  4. Diagnose a program's strengths and limitations and communicate and use evaluation results to improve a program.