Parts & Supplies Product Manager at Wallwork Group

The Parts & Supplies Product Manager functions as the primary support person for the Parts & Supplies Division.

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Daily Duties

  1. Parts Calls & Assistance
    1. Assist with calls from customers and consumers. Enter orders and bids into the system
    2. Assist branches with lead times and general parts assistance
    3. Communicate freight rates to customers and branches
  2. Purchasing
    1. Purchase selected merchandise for resale
    2. Maintain adequate inventory levels
    3. Monitor status of open purchase orders
      • Advise branches of the status of their purchase orders
    4. Coordinate factory direct shipments
      • Advise customers of the status of their orders
    5. Review Product Line Summary Report
    6. Enter purchase orders into computer system(s) and confirm receipt with vendors
    7. Log vendor follow up conversations on PO’s
  3. Pricing
    1. Adjust pricing on customer orders and bids to meet competitive situations
    2. Create customer price override forms
    3. Review vendor invoices for accuracy; approve for payment or debit
  4. Weekly Duties

    1. Review Past Due Open P.O. Report – follow up with respective branch
    2. Review Damaged Inventory Report, assess and manage progress

    Monthly Duties

    1. Forecasting
      1. Accumulate job forecasts for customers
    2. Inventory Control
      1. Add, maintain and discontinue products and product lines in computer system
        • Including extended descriptions, product substitutions, families, drop down lists, etc.
      2. Monitor inventory levels by line, adjust as necessary
      3. Sell off damaged and discontinued material
        • Order repair parts
      4. Handle return of overstock and non-stock material