Remote Sensing Lab

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Postdoctoral Position, Computational Machine Learning, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Develop novel computational techniques based on machine learning methods, and apply them to geophysical dataset for subsurface characterization and monitoring.

NASA Earth Observatory

Images and information from the NASA Earth Observatory

PhD studentship: shrub mapping with high resolution imagery (NASA ABoVE)

Participate in research to assess changes in vegetation in erect dwarf-shrub and low-shrub Arctic tundra zones as part of the NASA Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE)

News and Resources in Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Lab Research Update – Bao Gang

Variability of Vegetation Net Primary Productivity on the Mongolian Plateau 1982 - 2010 and its Response to Climate Change

pan-sharpened true color satellite image chip (L); automated CANAPI tree mapping (R).

Remote Sensing Lab Research Update – Phillip Gomez

A High-Resolution Delineation of the Circumpolar Taiga-Tundra Ecotone