Reverse Transfer Agreements

Reverse Transfer Agreements create a systematic process to assist students who have transferred to Montclair State University to complete an associate’s degree back at their community college while currently attending Montclair State University. Information is shared in accordance with FERPA, any state, and local laws including those of our regional accrediting association, the Middles States Commission on Higher Education.

If you have transferred to Montclair State University from any of the New Jersey Community Colleges, you may be eligible to receive this credential if you meet the requirements.

In order to participate in the reverse transfer process:

  1. Students must have met the residency requirement and designated minimum grade point average at the Community College prior to enrollment at the Four-Year Institution.
  2. Students must have applied and been admitted to the Four-Year Institution.
  3. Following enrollment at the Four-Year Institution, students must have earned a cumulative 66 semester hours between the Community College and the Four-Year Institution.
  4. Students must be current with financial obligations to both the Four-Year Institution and the Community College.
  5. Students must have met all of the graduation requirements of the Community College.

Montclair State University students have the option to consent to Reverse Transfer their credits at the time of application to Montclair State University. If the student consents, Montclair State University will send the grades and course information back to the community college for them to be re-evaluated for an associate’s degree. If the community college finds that the student has enough appropriate credits for an associate’s degree, they will notify the student in writing. Ultimately, the community college awards the associate’s degree to the student.