About Us

Our Vision

The Center for Community Engagement strives to be the principal campus organization through which the University realizes its community and civic engagement mission.

Our Mission

Inspired by Ernest Boyer’s vision of an engaged university, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) at Montclair State University strives to give concrete expression to the University’s broader community engagement mission by marshaling its teaching/learning, research, and applied service resources to address critical issues facing local communities. Faculty, students, administrators, and alumni affiliated with CCE collaborate with community partners so that learning and research are transformed and grounded in human caring and experience while contributing to the growth of healthy and vibrant communities. CCE is committed to the development of an engaged university predicated on experiential learning and applied research that leads to knowledge generation, application, and dissemination toward solving real issues of public concern and preparing students to assume leadership roles in a democratic society.

Our Strategic Long-Term Goals and Short-Term Objectives

Toward the accomplishment of its mission, the Center operates with the following process-goals in mind:

  • Goal #1: Partnerships. To develop and sustain democratic partnership networks between and among university and community entities
  • Goal #2: Citizenship. To develop and implement democratic engagement opportunities for promoting involved, knowledgeable, and committed citizenship
  • Goal #3: Leadership. To develop student leadership skills, competencies, and sense of efficacy through participation in democratic and civic engagement activities
  • Goal #4: Applied Learning. To promote and support active and applied learning through community-based initiatives
  • Goal #5: Engaged Scholarship. To promote, support, and reward research that connects students, faculty, and community partners with the production, application, and dissemination of knowledge
  • Goal #6: Sustainability. To cultivate financial, human, and material resources that will sustain the Center over the long term 
  • Goal #7: Assessment. To conduct ongoing assessment of projects and initiatives to determine effectiveness and areas for improvement and growth


Location & Hours

Location: Sprague Library, Room 140

Academic Year Office Hours: Monday- Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Summer Office Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM