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Experience Montclair

Experience Montclair (EM) is a University-wide initiative designed to provide activities, events and workshops to help students stimulate intellectual curiosity and career readiness through academic and co-curricular programming. This initiative promotes active student engagement starting in the very first semester. As students begin their transition to college life they will be presented with opportunities to explore areas of personal and professional interest in order to gain necessary skills for future employment and/or graduate study. By employing a competency-based approach, student engagement can be translated into competencies to make sense for students, administrators, family members and potential employers.

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Examples of competencies will include, but are not limited to the following:

Academic Engagement

Learning Outcome: You will interact and be exposed to key academic departments whose services will aid in acclimation to the University.
Financial Literacy

Learning Outcome: You will gain necessary education and knowledge of resources to allow for informed and effective decisions related to your financial well-being.

Learning Outcome: You will explore the various aspects of “WELLNESS” here at Montclair State and find yourself improving your health and well-being!

Learning Outcome: If you participate in these activities or events, you will be exposed to create, design, connect, collaborate and problem solve common life issues. Innovation requires staying relevant and thinking critically about common issues faced everyday.

Learning Outcome: You will be exposed to a wide-range of communication experiences to help you develop your oral, written, professional and interpersonal toolkit.
Red Hawk Pride

Learning Outcome: You will develop a strong sense of connection and affinity to the University.
Leadership Development Gold Badge

Learning Outcome: You will engage in comprehensive activities and services to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that increases understanding of self, others and community membership.

Learning Outcome: You will learn about sustainability while completing these activities. Sustainability encompasses four distinct areas: human, social, economic and environmental.
Career and Professional Development

Learning Outcome: You will explore post-graduation opportunities and develop professional skills through a comprehensive approach.
International and Inclusive Initiatives

Learning Outcome: You will be exposed to a variety of different cultures, identities and perspectives to broaden your awareness and understanding of diverse communities and world-views. Foster a more open-minded and inclusive environment that is committed to social justice, human dignity and international engagement.
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