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Experience Montclair

Experience Montclair (EM) is a University-wide initiative designed to provide activities, events and workshops to help students stimulate intellectual curiosity and career readiness through academic and co-curricular programming. This initiative promotes active student engagement starting in the very first semester. As students begin their transition to college life they will be presented with opportunities to explore areas of personal and professional interest in order to gain necessary skills for future employment and/or graduate study. By employing a competency-based approach, student engagement can be translated into competencies to make sense for students, administrators, family members and potential employers.

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Examples of competencies will include, but are not limited to the following:

Career and Professional Development

Learning Outcome: Develop a comprehensive approach to exploring post-graduation opportunities, while developing professional skills.
Leadership Development

Learning Outcome: Set in motion a devotion to continuous character development and lifelong learning.
  • Attend three (3) workshops hosted by the Center for Leadership Development. Examples include: How to Get involved at Montclair State, Understanding Emotional Intelligence, What is Leadership, The Importance of Self-Awareness, etc.
  • Complete any leadership or campus training. Examples include: Residence Life (RA and SA) training, Orientation Peer Leader/Advisor training, SGA Fall Retreat, Campus Recreation training, Health Promotion Peer Advocate training, Admissions Ambassador training, Greek Life training, Cross training, etc.
  • Serve in a leadership role and reflect on it (on or off campus).
  • Complete Tier 1 of the Leadership Development Certificate Program.
  • Complete the Leadership Development Through Civic Engagement Minor- includes completing the Psychology of Leadership and an Internship based on experiential learning.
Financial Literacy

Learning Outcome: Enrich your tool belt with necessary education and possession of resources to allow for informed and effective decisions related to your financial well-being.

Learning Outcome: Increase your knowledge and skills to improve health and well-being.
Academic Engagement

Learning Outcome: Interact and be exposed to key academic departments whose services will aid in acclimation to the University.
Campus Involvement

Learning Outcome: Develop a strong sense of connection and affinity to the University.
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